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Supplier: Syntec | Product: CNC Control Systems

Developing powerful and efficient CNC systems has long been Syntec’s mission. With fast innovating PC technology and our dedicated research in both hardware and software, we are able to provide the best total solution of control system in machine tool industry.

Performance-wise, our outstanding High-Speed High-Precision (HSHP) functions are perfect for mold or high speed milling purposes. Multi-axis & multi-program applications allow Mill-Turning Machines to easily execute complicated simultaneous multi-tool cutting interpolations. Abundant G/M codes and friendly user interface allows inexperienced operators to quickly catch on Syntec control.

More over, our integration capability and flexibility are great match for machine builder to develop unique application for specialized products at will. Syntec’s professional and responsible engineer
regiment provide solid and instant technical support; and our passionate service teams are able to help any customer globally.

We leave you no worry to reach end users, and we are always standing by to deliver on-demand, unlimited backup. Syntec will always be your best technical and service partner.

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The company has a vast range of CNC mills & high speed machining centres (including 5 axis), CNC lathes, Wire, Ram EDM machines & more..

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