Supplier: Wele | Product: Machining Centres

  • Every main casting or welding part is FEM analyzed to ensure the maximum rigidity.
  • Uses the twin servo motor to drive W axial moving cross rail. (G0: 20 m/min)
  • The clamping force has 18 tons in cross rail positioning. (two sets for each sides, 4500kg times 4 sets equal to 18000kg)
  • The hydro-static bearing is integrated with the bed and Turning Table also the oil tank, the temperature and pressure of oil is automatically controlled, so the thermal distortion is minimized and dynamic accuracy is ensured.
  • Every important contacting surface (total 66 surfaces) is manually scrapped to obtain the best fl atness, geometric accuracy and durability.

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The company has a vast range of CNC mills & high speed machining centres (including 5 axis), CNC lathes, Wire, Ram EDM machines & more..

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